होमजाति सूचि Goa Caste List 2022 | OBC, SC, ST & EWS/General Caste

[PDF] Goa Caste List 2022 | OBC, SC, ST & EWS/General Caste

In this article, you will get information about - Goa Caste List like - OBC, ST, SC and EWS or General Caste, as well as you will also get information about How many percentage reservation for OBC, ST, SC and EWS in Goa? You can also download the caste list in PDF. Read the complete article carefully further.

Are you looking for Goa Caste List 2023?. So you are reading the right article. On this page, you will get to read caste in goa. Which you can also download in PDF. Read ahead How many castes are there in Goa?

Goa is the smallest state in India by area and the fourth smallest by population. Goa is known all over the world for its beautiful sea shores and famous architecture. Its capital is Panaji. The area of the state is 3,702 sq km. According to the 2011 census, the total population of Goa is 1,458,545 (1.5 Lakh). The estimated population of Census 2021/2022 is going to be around 1,521,992. People of different communities and castes live here. Read ahead list of sc st obc in Goa & General Caste 2023.

Goa Caste List

The Goa government has classified the castes for giving reservation as follows – OBC (Other Backward Classes), SC (Scheduled Castes), ST (Scheduled Tribes) and EWS (Economically Weaker Sections). Read ahead EWS/ SC/ST/OBC Reservation Percentage in Goa

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Caste in goa

Reservation to OBCs, ST, SC and EWS in State aided Educational Institutions and in State services is.

S.N.Category NameReservation Percentage
EWS obc sc st Reservation Percentage in Goa

If you are a resident of Goa in OBC / SC / ST / EWS category and want to take advantage of reservation in government jobs / other government facilities, then will be required Goa caste list 2023

OBC Caste List in Goa

The number of castes/sub-castes in the OBC cast list in Goa 2023 is more than 20, for which there is a provision of total 27% reservation.

List of Other Backward Class in Goa

S.N.Caste / Subcastes Name
4Dhobi, Rajak, Madval (including Christian Dhobies)
5Nhavi, Nai, Nabhik, Napit, Mahalo, Barber (including Christians)
6Koli, Kharvi (including Christian Kharvi)
9Kumbhar (including Christians)
12Mahar (including Christians and excluding those who are already included in SC List)
13Pagui, Gabit
16Bandari Naik, Blacksmith/ Tinsmith
17Christian Renders (who are actually in the profession of toddy tapping)
20Vishwakarma/ Chari/ Mesta

SC Caste List in Goa

The total population of Scheduled Castes in Goa State in 2011 is about 25,378, which is about 1.74% of the total population. There are 5 castes in SC Caste List In Goa 2023. For which there is a provision of 2% reservation.

List of Scheduled Castes in Goa

S.N.Caste / Subcastes Name
1Bhangi (Hadi)
4Mahyavanshi (Vankar)
scheduled caste list in goa pdf

ST Caste List in Goa

The total population of Scheduled Tribes in Goa in 2011 is 1,49,209, which is about 10.23% of the total population. The number of castes in st caste list in goa 2023 is 8, for which there is a provision of 12% reservation.

List of Scheduled Tribes in Goa

S.N.Caste / Subcastes Name
2Dubla (Halpati)
3Naikda (Talavia)
4Siddi (Nayaka)

EWS Caste List in Goa

In Goa, the family which is economically poor in the general caste list in Goa has been kept in the economically weaker section (EWS). The family coming under EWS category gets 10% reservation.

Click Here 👉 EWS Caste List

Download PDF file

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  1. How many caste in Goa?

    There are more than 33 castes/sub-castes in goa, which are categorized into Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and General Category.

  2. Which caste is in OBC in Goa?

    Dhangar, Dhobi, Rajak, Nathjogi, Gosavi, Kumbhar, Teli, Shimpi, Kalaikar, Komarpant, Thakar etc. are in OBC castes in Goa.

  3. Which caste is in SC in Goa?

    Bhangi (Hadi), Chambhar, Mahar, Mahyavanshi (Vankar) and Mang are in OBC castes in Goa.

  4. Which caste is in ST in Goa?

    Dhodia, Dubla (Halpati), Naikda (Talavia), Siddi (Nayaka), Varli, Kunbi, Gawda and Velip are in OBC castes in Goa.

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Reference– The data of all Castes, subcastes and reservation percentage in this article is as per the information available on the NCBC, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GOI and other data is from the information available on the Internet space.

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