होमजाति सूचि Nagaland Caste List 2023 | List Of Tribes In Nagaland

[PDF] Nagaland Caste List 2023 | List Of Tribes In Nagaland

In this article, you will get information about - Nagaland Caste List like - List of Tribes in Nagaland and EWS or General Caste, as well as you will also get information about How many percentage reservation for ST and EWS in Nagaland? You can also download the caste list in PDF. Read the complete article carefully further.

Are you looking for Nagaland Caste List 2023? – List of Tribes in Nagaland. So you are reading the right article. On this page, you will get to read nagaland caste. Which you can also download in PDF. Read ahead nagaland ki ek jati?

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List of tribes in nagaland

Nagaland is a north eastern state of India. Its capital is Kohima. The area of the state is  16,579 sq km. According to the 2011 census, the total population of Nagaland is 1,978,502. The estimated population of Census 2021/2022 is going to be around 2,073,074. People of different communities and castes live here. Read ahead List of tribes in nagaland.

Nagaland Caste List

If you are a resident of Nagaland in ST / EWS category and want to take advantage of reservation in government jobs / other government facilities, then will be required Nagaland caste list 2023.

ST Caste List in Nagaland

The total population of Scheduled Tribes in Nagaland in 2011 is 17,11,008, which is about 86.48% of the total population. The number of castes in st caste list in Nagaland 2023 is 8, for which there is a provision of 80% reservation.

List of recognized Scheduled Tribes in Nagaland

S.N.Name of Castes
1.Garo(Indigenous of Nagaland)
2.Mikir(Indigenous of Nagaland)
3.Kuki(Indigenous of Nagaland)
4.Kachari(Indigenous of Nagaland)
5.Naga(Indigenous of Nagaland)

List of recognized Naga Tribes in Nagaland

S.N.Name of Castes

EWS Caste List in Nagaland

In Nagaland, the family which is economically poor in the general caste list in Nagaland has been kept in the economically weaker section (EWS). The family coming under EWS category gets 10% reservation.

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Download PDF file

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  1. How many caste are there in Nagaland?

    There are 19 recognized castes in Nagaland.

  2. Who are ST in Nagaland?

    Garo, Mikir, Kuki, Kachari, Naga, Ao, Angami, Sumi Chang, Yimchunger, Khiamniungan etc are in ST castes in Nagaland.

  3. Which is the strongest tribe in Nagaland?

    In Nagaland, the Sumi live mainly in Zunheboto district, although many have spread to other districts within Nagaland. They are one of the most united and most aggressive tribes, but despite their fierceness and aggressive nature in battle, they are also known for their simplicity and honesty.

  4. Which is the oldest tribe in Nagaland?

    Ao Naga Tribes is the oldest tribe in Nagaland. In Nagaland, about 3 km from Mokokchung town, Ungma (Soyim) is the oldest and largest village in the district. There are more than 1000 houses in this village. Legends have it that the Ao people first settled in Ungma after coming from their ancestral home in Chungliimti (the origin of the Ao people according to folklore).

  5. Is Nagaland scheduled caste?

    No, There is86.48% Scheduled Tribe (ST) and 0% Scheduled Caste (SC) of the total population in Nagaland.

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Reference– The data of all Castes, subcastes and reservation percentage in this article is as per the information available on Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms – Govt. of Nagaland and other data is from the information available on the Internet space.

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